Liska x Kalissi

Capsule Collection: L’avalanche

Inspired by the colours and patterns of the Alpine fashion of the 70s the new Liska x Kalissi collection "L'avalanche" is about bringing colour into the otherwise so-grey winter.
Location: Thanks to the VIE Vienna International Airport
Photography: Vrinda Jelinek @vrinda.jelinek
Produktion & Art Direction: Christina Hrdlicka @christina.hrdlicka
Videography: Emiliano Hinojosa
Hair & Makeup: Julia Marinics @ juliamarinics
Models: Ida / das Deck @idamanduh, @das_deck
Lisa / das Deck @tvoyavecherinka, @das_deck
Gleb @glebsavelev



 Touch and fall in love - the feeling to own a unique piece.
We leave it to your imagination to dream about the origin, the ownership and the stories behind these vintage items, they are one of a kind, hand-picked by our design team and given a total makeover by the LISKA FUR LAB. We used existing sources, we wanted long-lasting clothes. Not timeless, more foreverness. Not disposable, mindful.
fotografie: sabine hauswirth
konzept: birgit seiwald & sabine hauswirth
art direction: birgit seiwald
pelz re-design: valentina fürlinger
testimonial: ninon hauswirth
makeup & hair: alma milcic
location: villa schapira, ARE Austrian Real Estate


was designed by Polish architect Carl Korn, constructed in 1923 in Neo Baroque style. Since 2018 it has been made available for temporary use for various cultural events supported by ARE Austrian Real Estate.





Villa Schapira can be described as being „in transition“ between the processes of construction, deconstruction and transformation. Thus incorporating past, present and future functionality.
Similarly, the latest fashion pieces of Liska’s Circular Collection are a result of upcycling, where the dated pieces of clothing are rendered new through redesign and remodelling. These themes are central to the work of artist Sabine Hauswirth. Her photographic series shows transformation in both - fashion and architecture.

Sustainability & Responsibility from Old to New.

With our CIRCULAR COLLECTION, we have set new standards; we are happy to advise you

In addition to the newly released winter collection, Liska also offers nonstop service around your fur. Be it the professional storage over the summer, any adjustments or individual conversions of your favourite piece. "Furs are a precious product, and even the forgotten heirloom in the wardrobe offers high-quality material and therefore a tremendous potential". Robert Liska. "So why not make it a warm and sustainable parker for the winter?" ... (more)